Paris Miki's Commitment

Paris Miki is committed to handling complaints, originating both internally and externally, in a clearly defined, effective and expeditious manner.

Our values and way of working foster a culture that:

  • treats customers, employees and suppliers with respect by acknowledging their right to complain and have a complaint handled professionally
  • actively solicits and acts on customer feedback and
  • acknowledges that a complaint received gives Paris Miki the opportunity to
  • maintain confidence in our brand.
  • Any person or organisation who has any concern about:

  • any inappropriate or improper conduct or non-compliance with Paris Miki's policies, procedures or applicable laws by any member of Paris Miki's staff or management or
  • Paris Miki, any conduct by or their treatment by Paris Miki or any Paris Miki personnel, including concerns about quality of products or services and has not had that concern resolved to their satisfaction,
  • is invited to lodge a complaint which shall be dealt with in accordance with this Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure. Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representatives is Alan Bywater who can be contacted on (02) 8425 6000.

    The Complaints Handling Representatives are responsible for managing the handling and registration of complaints.

    Paris Miki is committed to using the principles embodied in the Australian Standard for complaints handling.1

    Aim: The aim of Paris Miki's complaints handling process is to turn a person who is unsatisfied with an experience they have had with Paris Miki into a person who has a satisfactory experience.

    This is achieved by offering prompt and effective solutions at the first point of contact or by using a formal process if problems cannot be resolved immediately.

    Remember - handling complaints effectively is everyone’s job! Everyone working within Paris Miki must understand this Policy and Procedure.

    1 The current Standard is ISO 10002:2006 - Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for Complaints Handling in Organisations (ISO 10002:2004, MOD).

    Purpose and Benefits

    Paris Miki's complaints handling process:

  • increases the quality of the service we offer our customers
  • enhances customers’ relationships with Paris Miki
  • recognises, promotes and protects customers' rights, including the right to comment and complain
  • provides an efficient, fair and accessible mechanism for resolving customer complaints and
  • records complaints, enabling Paris Miki to monitor complaints, review the complaints resolution process and, in turn, identify improvement opportunities.
  • Complaints Handling Principles

    Paris Miki will handle complaints in accordance with the following principles:

    Commitment. Paris Miki is committed to efficient and fair resolution of complaints.

    Confidentiality. The Complaints Handling Representative will only disclose the identity of the complainant where consent has been obtained or where it is necessary to do so in to order to investigate the complaint.

    Fairness. Paris Miki recognises the need to be fair to the complainant and to deal with all complaints in an impartial manner. No decision and subsequent action will be taken until a full investigation is complete. Following a receipt of a complaint, respondents have a right to know all the allegations made against them and be given the opportunity to fully respond. Paris Miki will ensure that a person making a complaint or any related party or witness is not victimised in any way (See Paris Miki's Whistleblower Policy and Procedure).

    Responsiveness. All complaints will be dealt with in a timely and courteous manner.

    Resources. Paris Miki will allocate sufficient resources for complaints handling and resolution.

    Visibility and Access. This Policy will be distributed to all employees and promoted internally in a variety of ways:

  • by inclusion in the company's handbook distributed to all employees
  • during ongoing Trade Practices Compliance training
  • via Paris Miki's website and
  • through regular inclusion in internal newsletters and other communications.

  • Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure is also promoted externally, including:

  • customer response cards in Paris Miki stores
  • displaying information in Paris Miki stores about how customers can contact Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representatives
  • verbal information provided by stores and
  • contact information on Paris Miki's website

  • Assistance. Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representative can assist with the formulation and lodgement of a complaint if required.

    Remedies. Appropriate remedies for complaints will be determined and implemented in accordance with this Policy and where relevant the Whistleblower Policy.

    Data Collection. All complaints and the outcome of all complaints will be recorded in a Complaints Register.

    Review and Audit. In order to ensure the continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure and to identify areas for improvement, Paris Miki will review it on a regular basis with a view to identifying and rectifying systemic or recurring problems having regard to: internal factors (such as changes to Paris Miki's organisational structure); analysis of the records contained in the Complaints Register; and feedback from complainants.

    Accountability. Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representatives will report on the operation of this Policy to Paris Miki's Senior Management Team.


    Resolve things on the spot if possible:

    Often a customer's dissatisfaction first becomes evident at the point of sale.

    Ideally, we should resolve customer's complaints immediately if we can. If this cannot be achieved, we should refer customers to Paris Miki's complaints resolution process (outlined below).

    Paris Miki values enable issues to be raised:

    The Paris Miki Complaints Handling Policy and Procedures also covers internal complaints. This allows employees to contribute to the improvement of Paris Miki's performance.

    Complaints Resolution Process:

    The Complaints Register records the details of each complaint along with how and when it was resolved.

    It is the responsibility of the Paris Miki employee directly handling a complaint to advise one of the Complaints Handling Representatives of the progress and outcome of the complaint they are handling.

    As you will see from the stages outlined below, if a complaint is not resolved within a particular timeframe, the complaint must be escalated to one of the Complaints Handling Representatives. The Complaints Handling Representative is not required to follow-up with those directly handling a complaint before escalation takes place.

    Stage 1

    Customers may make complaints:

  • in-person at the store;
  • by phone to Yoshiki Mukai on (02) 8425 6000
  • by email , the address being: Customers@paris-miki.com.au; or
  • through the Paris Miki website, the address being: www.paris-miki.com.au, then going to "Contact us'..
  • For all complaints received, immediately acknowledge receipt of a complaint (if the complaint is not received in person, this can be done by a phone call or email).

    Our aim is to resolve complaints immediately, wherever possible. Although more complex issues may not be resolved on-the-spot, the customer is to be made aware that their matter is under investigation.

    If the complaint cannot be resolved on-the-spot, the team member handling the complaint should:

  • gather sufficient detail about the complaint in order to properly investigate and respond, eg complaints logs or product information
  • consult with others where appropriate, eg suppliers or staff
  • communicate clearly and professionally with the complainant, verbally and/or in writing
  • retain a file on the complaint including dates, actions taken and outcomes and advise one of the Complaints Handling Representative of this
  • keep the Complaints Handling Representative informed (including dates and outcomes) so the Complaints Register can be updated.

  • Stage 2

    If the team member cannot resolve a complaint within 3 working days, the matter will be passed on to the relevant Area Manager.

    Stage 3

    If the Area Manager cannot resolve a complaint within 3 working days, the matter will be escalated to one of the Complaints Handling Representatives.

    Remedies and solutions

    There are a number of remedies available to address customer complaints. These reflect good industry practice, what is fair and reasonable under the circumstances and ensuring our legal obligations are met. The remedy selected for a particular complaint depends on the nature and details of issue.

    Some options might include:

  • Refund or replacement
  • Information/explanation > Provide customer with details or advice technical assistance where such support can be obtained.
  • An apology > You should discuss these options with Paris Miki's Compliance Officer
  • A goodwill gift or token
  • Compensation
  • What if we are not at fault or liable?

    If, after a thorough investigation, it is determined that Paris Miki is not at fault or liable a carefully worded letter should be sent to the customer to explain our findings. This must be approved by one of Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representatives before being sent to the customer.

    What if the complaint is not resolved to the customer's satisfaction?

    If the complainant rejects Paris Miki's proposed decision or action, the complaint should remain open on the Complaints Register. This should be recorded and the complainant should be informed of alternative forms of external recourse available.


    If you are responsible for handling a complaint the following steps will help.

    Allocating complaints

    Our Store Managers are the main contact point for dissatisfied customers.

    Complaints may also be received directly by one of Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representatives (by phone or mail). Any and all complaints to do with product safety, promotions or other marketing representations must be referred to one of the Complaints Handling Representatives.

    All complaints received will be recorded in the Complaints Register. A separate record will be kept of any complaints that are product safety or otherwise relevant to consumer protection.

    Listen first

    When handling a complaint the first step is always to speak with the complainant and listen to their problem.

    The discussion
  • Politely identify yourself and listen to the customer without interrupting
  • Acknowledge there is a problem and that it may be annoying, inconvenient or unfortunate
  • Ask the customer what outcome they would like – don’t assume
  • Confirm all details and ask questions to clarify, if necessary
  • Resolve the complaint if possible
  • Explain the possible courses of action available but do not commit to anything unless certain
  • If a resolution is not possible immediately, then confirm you will pass the matter on for further attention
  • Ensure that the customer is informed that the complaint is receiving attention, without creating any false expectations
  • Your attitude and behaviour
  • Empathise with the customer and be courteous at all times
  • You may not believe the customer’s complaint is justified but remember that, although they may not be “right” in your opinion, they are telling you because they are unhappy. Their complaint is an opportunity to retain their business.
  • Stay calm. This may be difficult if the customer is irritating or if their complaint seems trivial, but getting angry won’t help.
  • Never raise your voice
  • Do not lay blame on the company or individuals
  • Do not make excuses or become defensive
  • Record and date all details during the conversation or immediately afterwards
  • Decide what to do and take action

    A resolution was agreed during the discussion with the complainant

  • Take what ever actions are needed to finalise the matter
  • Record these actions Further investigation is required, eg contacting staff to ask questions or confirm details
  • Immediately undertake the investigation
  • Record all findings
  • After confirming details it is found we are responsible

  • Decide how the matter can best be resolved and discuss with one of Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representatives if necessary
  • Inform the complainant
  • Record the outcome of the discussion
  • If the complainant accepts the proposed resolution

  • Take what ever actions are required
  • Record these actions
  • If the complainant does not accept the proposed resolution Refer the matter to one of Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representatives After confirming details it is found we are not responsible

  • Write a polite, carefully worded letter to the complainant clearly explaining the situation
  • Obtain approval from one of Paris Miki's Complaints Handling Representatives before sending
  • Keep a copy of the letter on file
  • If the complaint is not resolved to the customer's satisfaction

  • The complaint should remain open on the Complaints Register
  • The complainant should be informed of alternative forms of external recourse available