Hicaps - Claim on the spot

We can offer you on the spot claim from your selected private health fund. With a quick swipe on our Hicaps machine, claiming has been made easy. Once your rebate claim has been processed and approved. You will only pay little or no gap for your brand new glasses.

*Depending on you selected health fund, they offer one rebate per calendar year or financial year. Please check with your private health fund for more information. So make sure to use your benifits before they end.

Health Fund Codes - Claim breakdown

Each product has it's own code when claiming for your rebate. Depending on your health fund, your rebate can be divided into two portions. Where a certain amount is designated for frames and lenses. Other healthfund have a breakdown for each product, including coatings (eg, index, UV protection, anti-reflective coating, photochromatic, etc). When we claim through Hicap, these codes with the amount claimed will appear on your statement.

We will also have these codes listed on our tax invoice, if you need to discuss any further with your selected private health fund.